CRDCN 2014 National Conference

Investing in our Futures

October 29-31, 2014
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Breastfeeding and cognitive skills

Now available: The latest CRDCN Research Highlight assessing the relative impact of breastfeeding and home environment on poverty gaps in Canadian children’s cognitive skills.

Can Breastfeeding Reduce Socioeconomic Disparities in Children’s Cognitive Skills?

Income & children's outcomes

Can income transfers, such as child benefits, improve children's outcomes? Annie McEwen et Jennifer Stewart review the evidence in the most recent CRDCN synthesis

Social Determinants of Health

QICSS International conference: Social policy and Health Inequalities

Now available: Videos of the conference

Gender Wage Gap

In spite of remarkable progress in the labour market and in educational attainment over the last few decades, women still earn less than men: Why?

In this recent CRDCN knowledge synthesis, Carole Vincent examines the question:

Why do women earn less than men?

Recent News

  • Job opportunity at York

    The York facilty, a branch of the Toronto RDC, is looking for a part-time (6 to 12 hours per week) assistant analyst. Details of the position are available here. To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to Melissa Moyser by email ( by Monday October 27, 2014.

    21 October 2014 - 3:01pm |
  • Call for Papers

    The European Association of Labour Economists (EALE) and the Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) will hold their 4th joint meeting in Montreal on 26-28 June 2015. The aim of the conference is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and research results in the field of labor economics. You are invited to submit papers for this conference according to a list of 18 themes, including retirement, labour supply and demand, family, marriage and work, unemployment, education, training and human capital, trade unions and bargaining, wage inequality and poverty. The deadline is December 15, 2014. Visit the website for more details.

    7 October 2014 - 4:25pm |
  • Appointment at Statistics Canada

    We are pleased to announce that Jodi-Anne Brzozowski has been appointed as the new Director of the Microdata Data Access Division at Statistics Canada.  Among her responsibilities she will thus oversee the Research Data Centre program which give our network its rationale. Previously, Jodi-Anne was Chief responsible for the General Social Survey (GSS) program. After 18 years with Statistics Canada, she brings to the program a wealth of experience and expertise. Welcome!

    7 October 2014 - 4:21pm |