The impact of technological
intensity of service
provision on
physician expenditures

Webinar with Michel Grignon

November 25, 1 PM EST

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Delivering health care
services through
information technology: 
are patients willing
and able to? 

Webinar with Marcello Tonelli
December 2, 1 PM EST

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History of the Canadian RDC Network


All you always wanted to know about the CRDCN


Read the history of the
Canadian RDC Network

Recent News

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Related Research

    The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research 2016 Trainee Program competition is now accepting applications. The program is designed to attract, recognize, and support outstanding researchers who have completed a PhD, or are a health professional eligible for a fellowship program. Among other conditions, you must be a Canadian citizen, and be eligible to hold a post-doctoral fellowship at an eligible university in British Columbia. Letters of intent are due December 4. All details are available in the competition guidelines.

    23 November 2015 - 12:19pm |
  • National Child Day

    The pathways and conditions supporting the healthy development and well-being of children are issues that researchers are able to investigate thanks to the data available through the Network. To mark National Child Day, we wish to draw your attention to our most recent knowledge synthesis reviewing the evidence on the relationship between family income and children’s outcomes. The authors, Annie McEwen and Jennifer Stewart find that higher income improves a range of child outcomes but that, on the whole, the improvement is quite small. This suggests that addressing inequalities in childhood, which create unequal chances for success later in life, will require policy that tackles more than only income as a source of disadvantage.

    20 November 2015 - 1:57pm |
  • Responding to a Changing Immigration Environment Conference

    Pathways to Prosperity (P2P),  a research alliance dedicated to fostering welcoming communities that promote the economic, social and civic integration of migrants and minorities in Canada, invites you to attend its third annual conference in Toronto from November 30 to December 1. Consult the detailed program and register at :

    16 November 2015 - 3:20pm |